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Just A Few Of The Cocktails We Do


Woo Woo

Paddy's Tipple


Long Island Iced Tea

Pornstar Martini

Tom Collins


Flower Power

Blue Lagoon

Passion Punch

Oral Sex on the Beach

Expresso Martini

Strawberry Laces

Elderflower Martini

Boston Tea Party

Lemon Drop

Hot Flush

Kola Kube Twist

Sexy Little Number

Mermaid Water

Boozy Cherry Cola

Singapore Sling

Hairy Navel

Down Under Snowball

Sky Martini

The Country Dream

Kermit on Crack

Life's A Peach

Caribbean Romance

Cherry Bakewell

Black Russian

A week at the Beach

Orange Passion

Sailor Boys

Venus on the Rocks

A Little Piece of Heaven

Italian Rum Punch

Pink Bubblegum


Tropical Punch

Cherry Cinn


Love Hearts

Chocolate Mint Martini

After Eight

Cherry Nut

40 Love

Apple Pie

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